2022 is almost over, but in the final month we get one of the most anticipated horror games! MOB Games have swept the world with their huge hit Poppy Playtime and while we eagerly await the arrival of chapter 3, they treat us to an early Christmas present with Project Playtime. This is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where 6 players need to solve puzzles while evading a monster that is also controlled by a player. Currently the monsters are Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs and the newest introduction in the form of Boxy Boo.
Two maps are currently available: The Theatre and The Factory. Though the optimization is a bit rough at the moment and it can also be quite buggy, I had a lot of joy in playing this. A lot more joy than most other similar horror multiplayer games. Often, I feel that the disadvantage for the human players is way too big, but I found it rather balanced this time. Though the monsters are always faster, there are plenty of ways to escape or lose your pursuer. The puzzles you have to solve are also more fun than just starting generators over and over again. I do hope that more puzzles will be introduced in the future as only three can become a bit repetitive after a while. The maps themselves are also beautifully detailed and really atmospheric. It’s just a shame you don’t really have the time to appreciate it all since you are being chased constantly.
In this video we will be facing off against each of the monsters on both maps. That means we will be facing off against Huggy, Mommy and Boxy in the Theatre and then also all three of them on the Factory map.
This game just released in early access, so there is plenty more to come and we will definitely keep you posted on future updates!

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