Poppy Playtime In Real Life – Chapter 3: DogDay Boss Fight. Hey there, i play ecco! Get ready to play your favorite classic game online with a community of fellow fans. Discover new levels, chat with other players, and join in on special events.
We are still exploring Poppy Playtime chapter 3 in real life and just entered the Playcare facility. Upon arriving we immediately receive a phone call from Ollie telling us we need to turn on the back up generators. As we make our way through the caverns we encounter Catnap worshiping a shrine. Why is Catnap in Playcare and who made this shrine in Poppy Playtime? What characters died to be on it? If you know, comment below!
To our surprise one of the last Smiling Critters is still alive, DogDay! Once he becomes free of his chains he attacks us! We must collect all the batteries while on the run from Dog Day. This escape could be one of the hardest because Dogday is so cute even though he’s deadly. Will we find the batteries and turn on the generator in time? Can we figure out how to use the new grab pack electricity pole and unlock the door to our freedom? Watch and find out!

Watch Miss Delight Boss Fight

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