Complete walkthrough original official new version 1.1 for mobile devices from the developers Mob Games, Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 mobile, 100% original and fully consistent with the original game. Currently available for Android and iOS. Link in description. + all Jumpscare and secrets. Enjoy watching😉
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—The Train Station—
Explore one of Playtime Co.’s most popular locations, the Game Station! This Train Station is more than just a pitstop… there’s games, a playground, and much, much more. Even better- the train provides a straight shot right out of the factory.

—New Toys—
This factory is filled with remnants of a crooked past- All you need to do is go deeper. Let’s ask Bunzo Bunny. Or perhaps PJ Pug-a-pillar has some ideas. Or maybe… Mommy knows?

—The Green Hand—
The all-new Green Hand has been introduced into the GrabPack family! You can now carry power with you, remotely! That’s not all… you can grapple now too! Innovation has done it again.

• Transfer power without the confines of a wire!
• Grab onto pipes and swing across missing flooring.
• Fly! Kind of- you can grapple straight up, more accurately.

Playtime’s not over yet- stick around…