song doesnt belong to me, it belongs to kyle allen music.

•Don’t steal other peoples parts or ideas, dont copy them for your similar parts.
•if you get a part try to finish it, if you give up please tell me so i can give that part to someone else or offer it to multiple people.
•Add a watermark if you want, no need to ask.
•Don’t make a part if i didnt give it to you, please wait for an Response.
•try to not make it seem lazy, dont try a part of you dont want to or you think you Lack skill.
•take your time, dont do it in fast speed.
•please add and cut the audio carefully, it makes it easier for the finished product.
•one part per person.
•dont fight or hate over someone else getting a part.
•use Gacha life or gacha club (if you can make real good animatic that works too).
-use #HuggyPlaytimeMep im your parts description.

how to get in:
-tell me which part.
-tell me your Youtube channel you Post it on.
-tell me what Apps you’ll use for it.

done: 👀
Not done: 🦴

part 1:me. 🦴
part 2:free.
part 3:free.
part 4: @rose_gold.
part 5: @GamerCatBoo. 🦴
part 6: @feh sunshine
part 7:free.
part 8:free.
part 9:free.
part 10:free.
part 11:free.
part 12:free.
part 13: @vanessapitbunny. 🦴
part 14: @goofy devil. 👀
part 15: free.

#mep #gacha #poppyplaytime #huggywuggy #HuggyPlaytimeMep